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Drinking water treatment: Laneuville - Nimbermont - Bougnimont (Libramont) sites

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Work period 2014-2016

Our achievements

exelio realized the design, the implementation and the commissioning of the water treatment installations of 3 sites of the municipality of Libramont supplying the networks of Laneuville, Bougnimont and Nimbermont.
The water treatment consists of calcocarbonic equilibrium by passage on a calcite bed (CaCO 3 ) and disinfection by chlorination (NaOCl).

The treated flows are :

  • L_ : 30 m³/h
  • B_ : 15 m³/h
  • N_ : 10 m³/h

exelio realized 100% of this project “design & built” namely :

  • Chemical sizing ;
  • Hydraulic sizing ;
  • Establishment of P&ID, guide plans and detail plans;
  • Selection and procurement of EM equipment;
  • Realization of the stainless steel piping ;
  • Realization of the power and automatism boxes;
  • Realization of the ” HMI ” control interface;
  • Hydraulic and electrical assemblies and connections;
  • Electromechanical commissioning ;
  • Process commissioning ;
  • Operation until the announced performance is achieved.

An annual process monitoring contract completes exelio’s mission in order to allow the municipality to make the most of the tool.