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Oisquercq Wastewater Treatment Plant

type of marketPublic

Work period 2016-2018

Size3,000 P.E.

Our achievements

  • The treatment process used is activated sludge in free culture with alternating phases (anoxia and aerobia). The station consists of the following stations:
  • A pumping chamber with pebble trap and pumps with immersed impeller;
  • A screen: screen with integrated compactor (6 mm mesh) and container of
    waste storage ;
  • A cylindrical-conical sandblaster (Pista) of 3m diameter equipped with an arm with 2 scrapers of
    surfaces and 2 scrapers;
  • A flow limiter – flow distributor ;
  • Biological treatment: selector, anoxic-aerobic basin aerated by tubular fine bubble synthetic elastic plastic membrane diffusers (PTU), degasser;
  • Two blowers feeding the aeration frames placed in a separate room ;-
  • A 10.3 m diameter clarifier with a central drive scraper bridge and radial scraping;
  • Two pumps in dry cellar for recirculation from the bottom of the clarifier to the selector;
  • A sludge silo-thickener with a storage capacity of 91.5 m³ corresponding to approximately 15 days of storage for a thickening at 30 g/l;
  • Screw pumps for the purging of excess sludge placed vertically on one of the sails of the dry cellar;
  • A venturi channel to measure the dry weather flow;
  • A tank and a hydrophore group for the production of service water;
  • A separate treatment of storm water including a 195 m³ settling tank corresponding to approximately 2.14 hours of storm event, a hydro ejector for the resuspension of particles before discharge and 2 pumps (1+1R) for discharge to the pretreatment;
  • A venturi channel for measuring the treated flow during storms;
  • A low voltage panel installed in the operating room.