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Water, a vital resource for our industrial activities

Water is the source of all forms of life … The existence of exelio is intimately linked to water, a vital element for the development of man and the industrial activity of our society.

exelio provides tailor-made and turnkey solutions for your industrial or collective water treatment and recycling projects.

It is undoubtedly an important limited resource to be protected for future generations.

We advise you and give you the tools for its intelligent management

GRASS® : granular activated sludge

A real revolution for the world of water treatment
Drastic reduction of energy consumption up to
0 %

PAMCO® Biorotor

The PAMCO biorotors are a particular implementation of fixed biomass purification processes. The advantages of a treatment system integrating PAMCO biorotors are numerous:

Traditional activated sludge

Activated sludge treatment is the most common form of aerobic treatment. Through alternating aeration phases, by means of alternating aeration phases, we are able to control a living environnement precise and specific to bacteria necessary for optimal water purification !

Continuous or sequential (SBR) activated sludge can be expressed in very different designs and geometries. It is thus easily adaptable to the numerous constraints of our customers.

Over the years, exelio has acquired a great deal of experience in the design and management of these facilities.

We are real bacteria breeders!

Planted reed filters

The power of plants to purify water no longer needs to be proven. exelio exploits their potential in a green sector: the planted filters of reeds!

This process is expanding in Belgium and in fact, their advantages are numerous:

Simplicity and resilience: Plants at the service of bacteria!

We offer solutions for all technologies related to water