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Thiaumont wastewater treatment plant

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Work period 2013-2015

Our achievements

The Thiaumont wastewater treatment plant (municipality of Attert) is an activated sludge plant in free culture with alternating phases (anoxia and aerobia).

It is designed to treat the pollutant load of 1,500 PE (81 kg DB0 5 /d – 180 kg COD/d –
16.5 kg N Kjeldahl /d – 108 kg SS /d – 15 m³/h – 270 m³/d).

The treatment process includes:

  • Pebble trap chamber;
  • Screening: channel sieve press (5 mm mesh) and waste storage container;
  • A static channel with a Sutro gauge to maintain a constant speed
  • A flow limiter – flow distributor ;
  • A biological treatment: selector, anoxic-aerobic basin aerated by fine bubble diffusers on liftable frames and a degasser;
  • Two blowers placed in the building supply the aeration frames;
  • A 13.90 m diameter clarifier with a central drive scraper bridge and radial scraping;
  • Two pumps in dry cellar for recirculation from the bottom of the clarifier to the selector;
  • A sludge silo-thickener with a storage capacity of 203 m³ corresponding to approximately 60 days of storage for a thickening at 25 g/l;
  • Screw pumps placed vertically on one of the sails of the dry cellar allow the purging of sludge from the recirculation circuit to the silo-thickener;
  • A venturi channel to measure the treated flow;
  • A low voltage panel installed in the operating room.