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From recovery to heat production, including cold production

More than ever, energy management within your company is at the center of all attentions: increase of energy costs, reduction ofCO2 emissions, reduction of your impact on the environment, …

In response to these challenges, exelio provides customized, turnkey solutions for your heat and cold production, recovery and transport projects.

Thus, by reducing your energy consumption, exelio contributes to increasing your compagny’s competitiveness.

Heat production

Whether you are upgrading an existing boiler room or creating a new production tool, exelio will assist you from the design to the commissioning of the installations, whatever the fluid used: hot water, steam, thermal oil, etc.

As an integrator, exelio carries out the global integration of your boiler room from the fitting out of your premises to the distribution of the heat produced to the users.

exelio takes care of all the components of a boiler room, namely :

Heat recovery

Some processes generate a significant amount of heat, which unfortunately is in the form of low temperature flows. These “low-potential” energies often represent a significant source of emission and losses. exelio studies and implements recovery units intended to valorize these energies.

A multitude of techniques allow to recover this energy in order to valorize it :

Cold production

The production of industrial refrigeration can quickly become a very energy-consuming item in your company. To gain in energy efficiency, exelio studies, selects and implements the equipment best suited to your cold production needs:

exelio also helps you to optimize your existing installations to get the full potential while keeping their consumption under control.