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Installation of flowmeters and probes: 7 control points

type of marketIndustry

Work period 2011-2012


Our achievements

We have installed 10 control units for the industrial liquid effluents of the company Industeel in Marchienne-au-Pont. These units are essential for the calculation of the tax due to the Walloon Region and meet the request of the DPE.

Our intervention was done in several stages:

  • Study of the possible solutions and presentation of a file of recommendations as well as a budget.
  • Validation of the proposed solution by the installation of transportable measurements and data logger on all the discharges during 3 weeks; interpretation of the results; presentation of a final offer.
  • Installation of 10 fixed measuring stations, each comprising :
  • Civil Engineering Adaptation;
  • Securing the locations for the maintenance personnel;
  • Instrument settings ;
  • 1 Doppler flow measurement;
  • 1 pH/t° measurement ;
  • 1 recorder ;
  • 1 Ethernet transfer of information to a central supervision PC;
  • 1 fixed pipe for sampling via portable sampler.