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Rehabilitation of the former "Tactical Wing" & "Stapol 4" bases - Grâce-Hollogne

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Work period 2014

Our achievements

The application aims to achieve the remediation of soil loaded with hydrocarbons and HAM
(Monocyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon). The pollution is found over a depth of
of the order of 22 meters. The principle used for the depollution under this depth is to extract
of air loaded with pollutants via wells placed in a depressed line. The air loaded with pollutants is
then treated on a bed of activated carbon and dispersed via a discharge stack.

Design and realization by exelio of two mobile air extraction systems under
container. The gas turbine has a variable flow rate. The application is zoned and carried out according to the
ATEX standards.

A PLC ensures the fully automatic operation of the plant and the remote management of the system at
distance. An operator console allows an instant visualization of the values of
of these values and easily adjust them to suit the needs of the user.
driving parameters.