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Air treatment plant - Coffee conditioning room

type of marketIndustry

Work period 2014-2015

Our achievements

The exelio team realized a ‘design & build’ installation of ventilation and air conditioning of a new production room at Café Liégeois.

The realized extension represents a total surface of 1.000 m² on the ground. This surface is broken down into 600m² for the packaging room and 400m² for the storage area.

The new conditioning room was ventilated with an air change rate of about 5 air changes per hour.

The air handling unit is a combined GP/GE type comprising:

  • 1 three-way mixing plenum with modulating dampers to allow a free cooling function
  • 1 stage of bag filtration
  • 1 hot water heating battery
  • 1 free space to receive in the future a cold battery
  • 1 freewheel fan box
  • 1 freewheel type exhaust fan housing

We installed an HVAC unit with a flow rate of 23,000 m³/h to serve the new packaging room and storage.

The air distribution ducts are made of thin galvanized steel sheet. These liners are sized to generate a low head loss during operation.

The air intake and supply ducts are insulated with a glass wool mat with an aluminium kraft finish.

The extraction ducting is not insulated. The fresh air intake is made in the facade through an aluminum louver. The air discharge is made in the roof.

The distribution of supply air in the conditioning room is carried out through 10 supply air outlets.

The air return in the conditioning room is done through 4 return air vents.

The combined GP/GE unit is controlled by a compact electrical cabinet placed near the unit.

The operation of the two motors is controlled by frequency inverters according to the operating conditions (4 pre-selected speeds). Three speeds for production and one speed for the “stand-by” room. The fresh air control allows the air extracted by the production machines to be compressed.

A temperature control system automatically controls the 3 air flaps, the 3-way valve for heating and the future 3-way valve for cooling.

The safety of the HVAC system is achieved through hardware wiring of the following instruments: pressure switches, vacuum switches and the anti-freeze thermostat.

The heating coil with a capacity of 116 kW is connected to the existing heating circuit.

The modulation of the heating power is carried out by a motorized 3-way valve.