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Energy optimization - Chaudfontaine plant

type of marketIndustry

Work period 2011-2012

Our achievements

On the basis of a preliminary energy audit, exelio studied various feasible ways of improving the efficiency of the existing steam heating system. After several proposals and exchanges with Coca-Cola, exelio carried out the following work (while ensuring the continuity of steam production):

Improvement of steam production efficiency in boiler rooms by :

  • The replacement of a boiler by a new more efficient one (power 2,340 kW);
  • The recovery of part of the energy still contained in the fumes by an economizer;
  • Improvement of water treatment in order to reduce blowdowns.

Loss reduction

  • Insulation of steam and condensate circuits (pipes and valves);
  • The overpressure of the condensate tank (according to validation tests to be performed on site);
  • Automatic sectioning of some part of the steam circuit.

Management of the operation

  • The automatic management of the boiler room type 72h ;
  • Automatic purge management;
  • Automatic pressurization of the steam circuits, plant according to the demand of the production. After the work was completed, the first measurements confirmed a 30% saving on the cost of gas consumption.