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Fixed biomass treatment process:

The PAMCO® technology is a special development of fixed biomass treatment processes.

The biomass is fixed on an alveolar support in rotation around an axis set in motion by a gear motor.

On contact with the wastewater, the bacteria spontaneously form a biofilm that attaches itself to the cells of the biorotor.

The water in the troughs is continuously aerated by the rotation of the support. The conditions are met for the pollutant load to be degraded by biology, quite naturally.

An efficient construction

The heart of the biological reactor being the biorotor, it is important that this equipment, essentially mechanical, is as solid and durable as possible. Discover how our biorotors are built and assembled in our workshops:

35 years of experience, robust and proven technology

Efficient purification

A fairly dense bacterial biofilm of 1.5 to 3 mm (about 4% DM) develops on the surface of the polypropylene honeycomb support. The entire developed surface removes carbonaceous pollution while nitrification takes place in the last stages. A recirculation to a top anoxic stage (also with fixed biomass) can be practiced in order to carry out a denitrification of the effluent and thus to eliminate the nitrogenous pollution.

The sludge settles quickly because the biology that comes off is mainly well mineralized biofilm that comes off the support. The clarification of the effluent reaches high ascensional speeds (1 m/h).

  • No foaming, even in the presence of detergents
  • Remarkable resistance to high load variations
  • Low operational costs

The simplicity of the technology has a direct impact on energy consumption. No need for an aeration system, the rotation of the biorotor is sufficient to supply the necessary oxygen to the treatment. It can even ensure the lifting of water in certain configurations.

Easy to operate

Safe maintenance from the outside: no maintenance points in the troughs and no need to stop to change the bearing lubrication cartridges. Thanks to the hollow shaft, only two bearings are needed to carry the support.

Proven unbalance management devices facilitated by the presence of the frequency converter.

Non-clogging honeycomb support

Optimal landscape integration

Discover the compact versions of PAMCO® in prefabricated units

PAMCO® PACK : our biorotors in synthetic tanks

PAMCO® CUBE : our biorotors in containers