The Rodt – Saint-Vith wastewater treatment plant (760 p.e.) now in operation! 👍

Socogetra-exelio is proud to present its domestic effluent treatment system, now in operation, based on the two-stage reed filter principle (vertical flow).

But howdoesthe principle of reed filters work?

The effluent flows by vertical percolation through a mass of fine gravel. This filter bed allows suspended matter to be retained on the surface of the filter, where it accumulates.

The reeds that are planted in the filters have the particularity of forming a root tissue and a network of galleries that drain, bring oxygen and serve as a support for aerobic bacteria.

These bacteria have a role of degradation and mineralization of the organic matter, which then becomes assimilable by the plants.


🚧 End of the works for the Pinchart wastewater treatment plant (Ottignies – Louvain-la-Neuve) 🚧

After studies and controls in factory, we are waiting impatiently for the delivery and handling of the first prefabricated concrete tanks for the future wastewater treatment plant of Callenelle (IPALLE), whose treatment will be ensured by 2 lines of PAMCO® biorotors (600 EH).

Direction our site in Callenelle for a delivery of concrete tanks!

After studies and controls in factory, we are waiting impatiently for the delivery and handling of the first prefabricated concrete tanks for the future wastewater treatment plant of Callenelle (IPALLE), whose treatment will be ensured by 2 lines of PAMCO® biorotors (600 EH).

Cleaning and replacement of underwater aeration frames in Thisnes

On behalf of IN BW and under the supervision of exelio with our 3 subcontractors (MB GROUPE for the handling – OCTO-DIVING for the divers – XYLEM/INOTEC for the ironwork), at the end of 2021, we proceed to the underwater cleaning of the biological basin (without stopping the treatment) and replacement of all the aeration frames of the Thisnes wastewater treatment plant (Nivelles – 44,450 PE).

Mobile sludge dewatering unit

In the continuity of our container units, we present you our mobile centrifuge in a container. This innovation that we are proud of has already proven itself for 9 months by effectively dehydrating the sludge from the small wastewater treatment plants of IDELUX EAU (Province of Luxembourg).

A design and a 100% exelio realization.

Set course for 2022!

Dear customers, dear partners, another year is coming to an end. The time has come for us to wish you happiness, health and success. We thank you for all the great collaborations in the past and in the future.

Success, energy and fulfillment: may this new year be truly flourishing!

See you soon!

The exelio team

We drop off your PAMCO® CUBE and leave you the keys 🔑

Une station d’épuration compacte tout en conteneur… à biorotor pamco® de 100 EH ! 💧

Curieux de voir ce qu’il y a à l’intérieur ?

👉 Découvrez-le ici en 3D 👈


exelio dans la revue “Belgian Sustainable Food Systems” !

exelio a eu l’honneur de faire partie des 12 entreprises belges innovantes et a présenté sa technologie GRASS dans la revue “Belgian Sustainable Food Systems”. Cette revue explique le rôle de pionnier que joue la Belgique dans les systèmes alimentaires durables.

C’est en stimulant un système alimentaire durable promouvant une production, une transformation et un conditionnement responsables des aliments, que les entreprises belges sont en mesure de se distinguer au niveau international d’un point de vue environnemental, social et économique.

Retrouvez-nous à la page 32 😊

Lionel and Celine fight for their rights!

A few days ago, the DH published an article about Lionel, our colleague who still works for exelio… But part-time because he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

To be read, pondered and shared en masse to make things happen ! 💪

Read the article online



Il y a quelques semaines, notre nouveau conteneur GRASS® s’envolait chez notre client industriel, désireux de se doter des « superpouvoirs » de nos bactéries granulaires.

A dans 6 mois pour les résultats des tests ! 👋

A 2nd hot beer fermentation chamber for exelio. Two without three?

Stassen, a company located in Aubel and part of the Alken Maes – Heineken group, wants to expand its product range in 2021 by producing a refermented beer in the bottle.

This refermentation in bottle requires a maturation of several weeks under controlled temperature in a warm room. And that’s whereexelio comes in with the design of this compartmentalized hot room. The objective? A commissioning at the end of February 2021. Deadline met as the first batch of beer entered the hot chamber in early March. 👌

We are eagerly awaiting its release so we can enjoy it! 🍺

UWE hosts webinar on water discharges

EWE (Entreprises Wallonnes des Eaux) is pleased to participate in the Webinar organized by UWE (Union Wallonne des Eaux) on the management of water discharges in companies 💦

EWE member exelio will present a study case of a new generation of water treatment plant.

🗓️ on Thursday, March 25, 2021
⏲️ from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

👉 To register for the webinar, it’s through
and it’s free!

Buzin electrical panel replacement successfully completed!

Another successful job at the AIEC drinking water pumping station 👏

Thank you to the AIEC for their confidence! 

Photo 1 : Installation of the electrical panel

Photo 2 : The spring where the water is drawn and then sent to the water tower

GRASS® technology improves the purification process at Spadel

In 2019, SPADEL has entrusted us with the implementation of our GRASS® technology. This process allows to transform the loose bacterial flocs of a classical activated sludge into dense granules; and this without the use of reagents or chemicals but by simply adapting the typical phases of an SBR.

If you also want to save 30% and more of your electricity consumption, you are at the right place !

Want to know more? Ask our experts! (


🎬 It’s off to the GRASS® video this Tuesday, November 24!

Remember, a few weeks ago, we welcomed Canal Z to the Spa Monopole wastewater treatment plant for the filming of a video presentation on the GRASS® granular activated sludge technology.

We can now inform you of the broadcast date : Tuesday, November 24th at 8:00 pm !

Canal Z will highlight the benefits of granular activated sludge and the energy savings achieved by introducing it into the Spa Monopole.

Want to know more ? See you tomorrow evening 😉

& for those who miss it, stay tuned! We will share it with you as soon as possible 🙂

The Talking Eyes

Have you ever heard of the association ” Les Yeux Qui Parlent ” ?

At the head of this association, our colleagues Lionel, a young 35 year old from Liège suffering from Charcot disease since 2018 and his wife, Céline.

Their project ? It is simple : to help people with severe motor disabilities to obtain housing that is fully adapted to their needs.

And good news, the first version of their website is online !

We share, we talk about it, we support, again and again… & without moderation ! 😉

Handling of 2 deodorization tanks on the Eisch construction site!

Handling of 2 deodorization tanks realized a few days ago on the construction site of the EISCH WWTP (Idelux Eau – SPGE) !

Each 1.5T tank measuring 6.8m made by our supplier SBPI was to be placed on a base through the roof structure.

Thanks to Marvin, Maurice and Sébastien for their work! 🙂

Photo 1 : Putting in vertical position with the help of a crane of our handler Arnould and a tower crane of Socogetra
Photo 2: Passage through the frame
Photo 3: The 2 towers in place on their base

COVID-19 : We remain at your side for emergencies

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In this exceptional context, we have taken the decision to implement a major shutdown of our activities starting this Friday, March 20, 2020 for a period still unknown but which we hope will be as short as possible.

However, we maintain a field service in order to ensure a minimum service during our office hours.

Deliveries are always possible from Monday to Friday between 8am and 12pm.

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We are aware that we are facing a difficult and constantly changing situation. We continue to monitor it closely and will adapt these exceptional measures as current events warrant.